Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Terrible Towel Giveaway!

I had lunch with my friend Yung last week and we stopped into a cutesy boutique before going to the restaurant. While we were in there checking out the goods we found ourselves in a corner with gorgeous linens and a luxurious staged bedroom. The duvet had a fabulous turquoise motif that made you day dream about beach houses.

While we sauntered through the store Yung mused, "I'm so glad my ex is gone. Now I can have nice things without having to explain the difference between a normal towel and a nice towel."

I died laughing. This is a very common lament in my household. In fact, the other day B, who is in charge of the laundry, sat in front of me sorting "nice" and "not nice" towels and failing miserably. I had him guess which ones I wanted to separate out as was too much for him.

Which towel goes in the powder room and which do you use to drain spinach?

(Yes sweetie, I can hear you yelling, "Cucumbers!" at the computer. It won't do any good. This is my story.)

The only thought that has crossed my mind about the Caitlyn Jenner transformation publicity is, "I wonder if she can tell a good towel from a bad towel now."

Is this something that happens at your house too? Can you tell a good towel from a bad towel?

Well! We'll be the judge of that. This debate has inspired me to do my second giveaway. The rules are simple...I'm going to post two pictures of towels. One is a good towel for using for company, rising bread, hand drying and other delicate kitchen tasks. The other is a bad towel for cleaning spills, changing the oil in your car and livestock doula situations.

I haven't gone easy on you. I didn't pick a flour sack tea towel that was crisply ironed and still had tags on it. I picked a towel that's seen a few rounds in the washing machine.

State your guess in the comments and...right or'll be entered into a drawing to win a tea towel hand made or value added by me.

This contest will be over by 06/11/15 at midnight...and I'm a teacher so I'm serious about deadlines.


Let's begin!

Your mother in law is coming over for brunch, which of these do you offer her when she needs to dry her hands? Think fast hot shot!

And which of these do you use to clean the spokes on your bike?


You only get one guess! Leave it in the comments.


  1. Is this a trick question!? These are both clearly useful towels, so I'll call them both "good"... good for drying baby's delicate face, good for mold remediation, good for wadding in your blunderbuss, good for Etsy photo backdrops... you get the picture. There's one hoopy frood who really knows where his towel's at, dig?

  2. Gah! I hope this is not a repeat - internet ate my post!

    I'm going with the obvious (to me) answers -
    Blue towel for m-i-l's hands as it has no rips, tears or stains in the picture.
    White towel for bike spokes as it already appears to have some sort of a stain on it and looks a bit 'shabby" in my opinion (and not in a shabby chic way!).

  3. HAHAHA!!!! Oh I wish I had not missed the deadline! I love this post 100 thousand percents.

  4. trick question. neither are for either chore. use your b est silk blouse for the bike, and use old underwear with the elastic ripped for the your hands. done. easy peasy.

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