Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Adirondack Chairs

Home Depot had a really good deal on adirondack chairs around Father's Day.
 I mean a REALLY good deal.

$2440 savings! That'll pay for the siding!

As my dad says, "I can't wait to get that check in the mail."

I had fun putting them together when the temps were in the 100's and I had to hang out inside. They smelled like Christmas.

 Luckily we had a cool spell so I could get outside and put some spar varnish on it. The spar varnish people should give me a t-shirt. I've used more spar varnish than any one girl needs to in her life. I see more of it in my future. I didn't want to stain them because the natural wood was so pretty. Luckily they didn't turn out orange like the last thing I spar varnished. (That would be the kitchen cabinets I had to sand the varnish off of and repaint. LOL. Good times. Good times.)

I did the bottoms of the chairs one day and then did the tops the next. We immediately had a huge rain storm so I was lucky that the varnish had dried in just a few hours. I was pleased to see the water beading up on the chairs.

While I was out in the sun I also moved the stepping stones to a more crucial spot. That was my cross fit WOD.

The new chairs look great in the woods around the fire pit. They are replacing some plastic chairs that were really faded but still too bright for the back yard. I like how these blend in better. I also like the bed frame sitting on the burn pile. That's a nice touch for the pictures.

All in all for $39 a chair and a few days of entertainment value I am pleased with how these turned out. You can certainly get a chair that's more sturdy but it'll cost you. I think we'll be glad to have these in the fall when we start having people over to hang out in the back yard again.

BIG STUFF happening this week. I'm taking lots of photos! Wish us luck, we're going to need it.

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  1. Thank you for the “real life” photos. And all the beautiful ones too. We need both.I like and understand fully your topic and bookmark it for future post of you.
    Mary S. Hernandez