Thursday, July 16, 2015

Down to the Wire

Yesterday at 9am we got our dumpster. At 9:30 am we got a surprise delivery from Lowes. The inspector didn't come and the plumber came after everyone else went home and I was thinking about naps.


I did get to lie down in the hammock for a while between coats of paint on the One Week Shed because when you're a gross smelly swamp monster the skeeters leave you alone.

Pommy has been sleeping under the dumpster. I guess we need to check it for kitties before we get it hauled off.

I was looking forward to using my new coliform test last night (strange but true) but ALAS it was not to be. The plumber came out and zipped up the well and it didn't work. The pump wouldn't kick on. They got a new pump. Nothing. Another pump. Zip.

No coliform test for this girl.

At about 9pm, as it was getting dark, they tested the only thing left to test...the wire. We'd tested the capacitor, the pump, the tank, the fuse, replaced the pipe and checked the water but the whole time it'd been the power coming through the wire. Ugh. We might have it fixed tonight. I can't even.

Neither can B.

He's pooped.

Sugar and the kitties like hanging out on the PPP.

I might have a P in the PP...that is...a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

Siding continues!

It's very eggs siding.

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