Friday, July 10, 2015

It's raining men.

Today the HVAC guys are here, we're still working on the siding and G is here. That brings the man count up to 6 at some points...more if you count Pompom.

It's totally nuts.*

Sugar makes sure they are all well supervised.

They work fast and they even make you elephants out of spray foam.

Is it weird that I already think the house looks better? I just really hated the grey peeling siding.

Today they start on the front porch so we had the epic task of clearing it off last night.

It sounds like the house is falling down around us.

I'm also trying to keep my elderly dog cool while the HVAC is off (I just saw them rolling the old unit across the yard.) We've moved the window unit to the den but the den has no doors so we've got  an old friend visiting


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