Wednesday, July 1, 2015

" A man might be the head of the family but a woman is the neck."

That quote is loosely taken from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

It's totally true at our house. Every once in a while B will have a "Great idea." Generally, this is an idea that I have had weeks or months before and already conveyed to him a few times. Sometimes he'll even have given me reasons why the idea is a bad one or even worse, impossible....that makes it funner when it becomes his idea later on. Gives me more ammo.

The mini shed is just such a project. I've been telling him for months that his big shed is going to be great but that he should use it as a workshop and get a smaller shed for holding his crapola. Homeboy has a ton of crapola, it's all over the place. His anvil and his bucket of sticks and box of boxes need a place to go besides his schmancy new shed.

"Nope. It'll all fit," he said.

Eventually he came around to the idea that he might need something else. I showed him Sears-eque metal sheds, pre-fab wood kits and pinned plans for tiny sheds. I said, "You should just put up some posts and then put plywood all over it. It'd be super quick."

"Nope," he said.

THEN ONE DAY he came home from work in a tizzy! One of his co-workers had built a TINY shed in ONE weekend by putting up some POSTS and nailing PLYWOOD over it. He made it from wood in his yard. WHOAH. What a great idea.

I was so eager to get this done that I was like, "Yes. Good. We'll do it this weekend. Here's $300 from the buttercow. Go get what you need. Let's call all of our friends. I'll make pizza."

Thus, the one week shed was born.

The KEY to building a shed like this is to have two Gregs come help. One Greg will work but it's really better if you can have two. It also helps to have a Kurt for a little bit. Two Kurts would have been ideal but one was at the lake.

Here's the "Tarp tent." It is a temporary shed that we've had up for two years. This is what we're replacing.


  1. The tiny shed is so CUUUUUUTE! It's kind of like an outdoor closet.

    1. Yes! That was the idea. I'm going to paint it green so it blends with the woods better.

    2. Yes! That was the idea. I'm going to paint it green so it blends with the woods better.