Monday, July 13, 2015

Siding, HVAC, the well and the PPP

This frog and toad were hanging out together in the mud by the hose spigot the other day. I was lucky enough to spot them and snap a photo. 

The new HVAC is in and worth every penny of the one million dollars we spent on it. People would ask, "What do you have the ac set to?" and we'd say, "68" and they'd look at us like we were crazy. BUT IT WAS SO HOT IN HERE! Now we have it set at 76 and the house is nice and cool...I can't wait until it's time to use the heat because as you can see...our heat wasn't working this winter...

Isn't March horrific?! This baby is going to pay for itself.

Thanks Bryant Durham HVAC! I would heartily recommend them if you live in the triangle area. We've had a new unit put in at a previous house and it was a terrible experience. The workers left a big mess, it took weeks to get the system calibrated and the workers were, frankly, creepy. 

These guys were polite and totally cleaned up after themselves. They worked independently and got everything done quickly. It all works great and they actually did give us a great price, all joking aside.

The boys were troopers and came out Saturday morning to do a little work and actually put up some courses of the siding while B was home to work with them. It looks fantastic. I can not wait until the whole house is done. It's going to totally change the look of the house.

Also, I'm excited about getting a dumpster.

The Pooch Perch Porch, or PPP, is almost done. It is functional now we are just waiting for a break in the weather so we can put the anti-slip coating on it. Sugar has used it a few times and we're going to have to add a railing because she likes to just take flying leaps off the side of it, which is not the point. That dog is a mess. She just sort of rotates her tail like a propeller and goes for it. I wish I was kidding. Dog, don't jump off your ramp with your torn ACL. What's your plan here?! 

She is doing remarkably better and has even taken some very short walks with us down the street. She is scooting around the house great. 

It's a well known fact around here that if other people are working, I have to be working too. I had vowed not to paint anything on Saturday so while everyone was working I reupholstered a bench.

At the old house we had more space than we knew what to do with so I had bought this bench to act as party seating. I bought it for $15 at a surplus sale and then recovered it with some thrifted upholstery velvet.

In our new house we don't really have room for this thing but I keep hanging on to it anyway. I've listed it on Craigslist 3 times...and then when someone wants it I take down the listing and decide to keep it. It's just so useful when we have people over for parties. 

B has been wanting a bench for the front porch to sit on and to kick shoes under. I had the bright idea to re-reupholster this bench so we could still have it around for parties but have a better place to live. I used this big piece of canvas my mom got me and we're going to water proof the fabric. Since the porch is covered it'll stay dry but you can't be too careful.

Apparently, it works.

The other excitement, cause we needed more going on at the house, is that we don't have any water! Something in our well pump died Sunday night. Sunday night after 8:30 is a pretty useless time to have something like this die on you. B has a pretty good idea what we need and he's going to go get the part today. Fingers crossed that's the problem because we went to the lake yesterday and neither of us could shower last night! 


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  1. My initial comment, before I even read everything, is this, and I quote: "Average home???? YOUR HOME!!!!!!"