Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Staycation 2015

Due to the recent upheaval at our house and Sugar's healing injury we decided to give our Boone vacation to some friends and opted for a staycation instead.

I know that to many people it might seem like pure craziness to skip a vacation you've already booked and paid for. I feel like our comfort, sanity and happiness are worth more than the price of a few nights at a hotel room so I have no regrets about this decision. I'm not going on vacation to prove anything to anyone...luckily the boys agree with me so we hung out around town and slept in our own fluffy beds.

And of course...snuggled with Bae.

This is what heaven looks like by the way. 

Even though we had some bumps in the road is was a good staycation. It's reallllllllly hard to vacation in an active construction zone but we gave it the old college try.

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