Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Make A 30 Second Skirt From a Thrift Store Dress

I hesitate to share this tutorial.

Only the backwards dress exposes one of the weird things I do all the time that no one notices...and I'd like to keep that way.

However, I can not in good conscience sit on this secret and withhold it from my fellow thrifty sisters (new band name) any longer.

If you see a dress like this with a fabric you love but you know you can't wear this kind of dress because of the ridiculous teeny boob triangles. BUY IT!

If you go thrift shopping you'll see a ton of these dresses. Everyone makes them. Everyone sells them cheap.  Tons of people fall into the trap of buying them and then they waste away in closets because:

- Only 98% of the population is lucky enough to be able to utilize the triangular boob flaps.
- Layering with something under this looks sloppy.
-Pinning is a gamble.
- It's too hot to layer.

So what's a girl to do? 

Simple. Take some sharp scissors and cut off the boob triangles. Now you've got a skirt! These dresses typically have about 50 layers of elastic shirring under the triangles and that's perfect for creating a no-sew skirt. As long as you're careful when you cut it'll all hold together in the wash...and let's face're not tucking your shirt into this skirt so no one will ever know....unless you blog about it.

The best part is that because of the 50 layers of elastic you can buy virtually any size.  Just hold it up in the store and stretch to make sure it'll fit. And if you mess up? It was probably only $3 to begin with.

Give it a shot!