Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rampant Consumerism

This is not a sponsored post but I haven't done a "favorites" post in a while and I just had a very fun and thrifty day with my pal Yung so I thought I'd share with you some of the cheap thrills we had today.

So to start, not technically today, but thrifty consumerism related....I bought like 10 dresses at Ross (Dress for Less) yesterday. Most of them were navy. My kingdom for a short sleeved navy cardigan. Anyone know where I can get one for less than $20? As I told Yung, I don't want one of the ones that is just a boob sweater. You know what I mean? Women's clothing is so ridiculous. They'd never make a shirt for a man that has a fake necklace attached to it. Don't even get me started about micro pockets.

I spent the morning reading House of Silk which I got FREE at the library.  Isn't the library the best? Free books delivered on my Kindle is still the most amazing thing to me.

Today Yung texted me out of the blue to help her go plant shopping. She knows I have the hook up on Scratch and Dent plants. I took her to my favorite place for guaranteed results: Walmart. Our Walmart has an insane clearance section and she filled a whole cart for $14. That's the price of one plant at the garden center she went to yesterday. My clearance plants have all bounced back fantastically. It helps to know what's in season, to stick to easy to care for items that spread, and to buy compact plants that don't look too crunchy and don't have too many blooms.

After that we went to Big Bundts  and split a slice of cake with our coffee. This cake was....the best cake I've ever Durham...possibly in my life?! It was amazing cake. I really recommend this place if you need some cake. They make custom cakes for events too and the people who worked there were as sweet as the cakes.

After that we trotted over to the ReStore where we fell in love with a $40 mod dresser that had already sold. What a bummer.

Yung can't plant all those plants without soil so I filled one of our multiple yard bins with some of the huge pile of compost we got in the Spring and regifted some gladiola bulbs a neighbor gave me.

At home I discovered more thrifty packages!

1. NEW GLASSES from Zenni Optical.  Glasses and sunglasses with a prescription for less than $30. That's without insurance. Amaza-zing. If you haven't gotten glasses from them you should. The only drawback, that I don't even consider at this point, is that they take about two weeks to come once your order them. As long as you don't need emergency glasses, it's worth the wait. I bought a pair of tortoise cat eyes and re-bought my favorite wood grain wayfarers in my new prescription.

2. A new dress from ThredUp!  They are like an online consignment shop. One of the blogs that I read had an offer where if you click the link you got $20 to spend. I got a gorgeous new dress for $4.99!!! If you click THAT link I posted you'll get $20 to spend. :) Merry birthday! You're welcome. The dress I got came in a cute polka dot package and it was wrapped in tissue paper. They have a pretty big selection and some items, like the one I picked, are new with tags!  The cool thing about this site is it's an easy way to pare down your closest if you're too lazy to take things to GoodWill. They'll send you a free pre-paid  envelope you can put your items in and sell them for you. Sadly, I am not classy enough to have any of the brands they accept. But still....I'll spend a free $20 anywhere any day.

And it's the day for our CSA so I'm going to get some veggie surprises. YAY! What a great day!

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