Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Checklist- Results

If you're reading this it means I'm back at work and summer is OVER.

Ok, sure, we still have weeks of hot weather and astronomically and meteorologically speaking it is still, "summer." Buuuuuuut if summer vacation is over those are just technical details.

How'd we do on the summer checklist?

Raised Flower Bed
Raised Vegetable Bed
Shed- I'm counting the One Week Shed.
Downstairs bathroom
Siding-  It's almost done. Whatever.
Paint the house
New front door
Paint the "library"
Trim in the kitchen
"Quiet" the house
Get all of the junk out of the yard
Make the patio pond
Grow a million tomatoes
Go to Boone, Charlotte and the beach.

 Not bad, not bad at all. The good news about a never ending project house is that it's a lot like Whose Line is It Anyway. "Everything is made up and the points don't matter."

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