Thursday, August 13, 2015

Teeny Watermelon

I have been itching to eat one of my teeny watermelons since they got to be about grape size. I have one that is almost as big as a grapefruit that I am letting grow a bit more but I couldn't resist picking one of the small ones that didn't seem like it was going to get any bigger.

Here is it with an average sized tomato for scale. It is very wee.

I thought when I cut it open that it would be white all the way through. I assumed the skin was going to be the thickest part. Imagine my surprise when it looked like this!

If I was making a click-bait headline it would be like, "NC Area Woman Cuts Open Tiny Watermelon. What She Finds Will Surprise You."

Lest you think I did it all for science. I did not. Once I discovered that it was pink inside I ate it. AND it was delicious!!! It was sweet and juicy and not a bit mealy.

If I was Martha I'd find a way to grow about a thousand of these for my classy party. 

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  1. Squeeee!!!!! Tiny watermelons!!!!!! I would never have thought they'd be red and sweet inside!