Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Sneak Peek

Right now I have all of the windows open and the house smells delightful because I am making  chai! Last night one of our neighbors had a fire going and the crisp air, wood smoke and tranquility had me feeling giddy for fall!

Another thing that has me giddy? After 67 days the siding is done.

Isn't it lovely? Bb and Porter did such a good job and really worked hard to make sure it was perfect. They worked on 100 degree days, survived mosquitoes and giant spiders, and basically were a pleasure to have around the house. 

I'm going to miss them making noise in our yard. Sugar looks for them when she goes out, I know she's going to be sad this job is done.  I know they are happy to move on to their real jobs.

Ladies, if you see something you like, let me know. They come with good references.

The other excitement this weekend was a visit from Gramma Melinda. 

I joked that visiting us was like vacationing in a Jane Austen novel...all we do is take you on long walks, eat big meals and visit historic home sites. I think we're a little tame for a jet setting, salsa dancing, city gal like Gma Melinda...but we still have a good time.

G and G the super couple of 2015 visited with us at a nice dinner.

 Next week, cast or no cast, B is taking off of work in the hopes of killing some of the bathroom to do list! I hope to have more updates and a full before and mid-point of the siding soon.

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