Friday, November 27, 2015

A Holiday Gift Guide for Non-Purse Girls

It's holiday gift guide season and once again the majority of the "Guides for Her" that I've seen are aimed almost exclusively at Purse Girls. Blanket scarves, luxury pajamas, large makeup kits and perfume seem to top the list. 

But what to get for the non-Purse Girls in your life? Have no fear....I have suggestions.

+ Books are always a good choice. If your special lady enjoys mysteries, science and snark then you have to hook her up with these Flavia de Luce mysteries. Start with this one then buy the whole set.

+ Cute t-shirts

This shirt or really...Anything from this page.

Just double check her size because lady t-shirts are all over the place size-wise.

+ Some amazing tea to sip while burning....

+Pow-pow-power tools!

+ A candle that smells like campfires.    Not like a manly cologne that's kinda like your sweatshirt that you have to wash a few times after you've been making S'mores.

+ A new school/old school USB mixtape to tell her how you really feel. (Without actually telling her.)

+ Some freaking amazing rain boots. Functional, fashionable and ready to make a splash.

A disco ball, not because she's a hard party-er, but because if you set it in the right place it will catch the winter sun and make your room all sparkly. (This one is extra satisfying because it is a supervolcano according to the Volcanic Explosivity Index.)

+ Tickets! Groupons!

+ Some art.
You know what she's into but if you don't, get her this gorgeous owl.

+ A stylish pinafore for doing projects! 

+ A fascinator.  Make that trip to the grocery store an event to remember.

+ A wireless Bluetooth speaker that is easy to charge, has great sound quality and can be schlepped from room to room.  Added bonus? A Pandora subscription!

+ Vintage sheets for sewing projects.

Non-Purse Girls are generally into crafts and home made gifts. Here are some ideas if you have the time/inclination:

*A jar to predict the weather. Oh man. Mail one to me ok?

And when in doubt? Just buy her some throwing knives.


  1. This is an awesome list. I'm trying to figure out if I'm a purse girl or not. I think I toe the line. I really like EARRINGS, for instance. But I would never in a million years want an expensive purse for a gift or anything. I would like a scarf, but not an expensive one. I might like pajamas, but again, I would not want expensive ones. No way would I want makeup or perfume for a gift. I like the things on your list! MIght have to get them for myself.

    1. I don't think you're a purse girl. Not that there's anything wrong with being a purse girl.