Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chrismoose/Christmas Menus!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Welcome to Santa's workshop. Don't look too closely.

I was just making the menu for Chrismoose and Christmas and I thought I'd share some recipe links with you. This year we are doing fish stew again for Chrismoose. I think it's going to be a tradition. Something about the excuse to cook on a fire really appeals to us...even when it's supposed to be seventy degrees in December.

This year we are doing something different with my family for Christmas. Because we're Italian we've always done some version of a fish fry for the Feast of Seven fishes. A fish fry is hard to pull off during's a lot of work and expensive to get good fish. This year we are doing a Feast of Seven fishes appetizer party with cocktail shrimp, sushi, smoked salmon, oysters, crab cakes and other yummy things like that. I've listed our contribution below but I am excited to see what else shows up to the buffet. 

We're also trying an nontraditional Italian Christmas dinner. No turkey, ham or soups so we can't call it the real thing but we're making a ton of amazing sounding dishes. Two lasagnas! Antipasto! Meatballs! Chicken parm! Things I can't pronounce that only my mom can say correctly! 
SarĂ  deliziosa!

I bought 15 jalapenos, two bags of flour and 4 blocks of cream cheese. 

Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies

Neighbor Gifts

Chrismoose Eve

Cinnamon Buns, bacon and eggs
Grilled cheese

Christmas Eve

Blueberry Belgian waffles
Garlic Bread- my artisan bread with B's garlic butter

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