Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Recap

Goodbye Christmas! You've been great but don't let the door hit you on your way out! I've already chucked my tree onto the back porch. I love Christmas but WOOooooOOOOOO! 

Four days of Christmas is a lot of Christmas. Here's what we ate on Boxing Day.

Look a kidney bean in my garbans!

Christmas was a fun blur with lots of cooking. Christmas Eve we had the Feast of NINE fishes because we are overachievers. Crab, krab, oysters, clams, salmon, shrimp, trout, eel, and whatever kinda roe was in the caviar.  It was delicious. 

The Italian Feast on Christmas was incredible. Lasagna, braciole, meatballs, antipasto, ziti, alfredo, peppers and onions, pizza, garlic bread, chicken parm, chicken piccata, cheesecake and cannoli. I felt full before we even started eating. 

 It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get a call from my mom, three hours earlier than expected, saying, "We're going over!"  This time I had wet hair and bread in the oven. So I blow dried my hair and we packed up the food to make the 40 minute drive to my brother's house for it to bake there.

I rarely blow out my hair so it was time for a glamorous selfie!

With my equally fabulous wreck of a kitchen as the back drop!

The dishes took 2 solid hours. We used ever cutting board in the house....and B loves a cutting board so we have like 15 of them. I think he may have even stolen some out of the Goodwill pile.

Many of my Christmas presents are improvements for the house. I got a great window bird feeder, patio lights, a Moravian star light, screen for a screened in porch and my nephew even built an Adirondack chair for me.

One of the best things was a gift we got ourselves on Black Friday. We had some helpful elves come help B bring it in!

Ta da! It's a new wood stove with a window! We have the pipe already installed but we are getting the chimney inspected and cleaned next week (bats) so we don't (bats) burn the house down because of bats.

Also, work on the bathroom has been humming along so we miiiigggghhhht have some sort of a bathroom by 2016. Might. Maybe. Probably? Bats.

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