Monday, December 14, 2015

Friendsgiving 2015

This weekend we had Friendsgiving at our house. I scaled it back a little bit this year because we had waaaay too many people last year in our tiny house and instead we had almost just the right amount of people. (I say almost because a few of our good friends couldn't make it. If they had come it would've been perfect!)

I cooked Death Corn 5, green bean casserole, Nutella cheesecake, Italian Love Cake (terrible) and bread. B made a turkey, a ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, collards and salad. Then all of our friends brought sides like corn pudding, broccoli salad, mac and cheese and even a lemon meringue pie. We had SO MUCH FOOD. This year we even had real gravy.

Last year we had a hot cider/gravy mix up.

Snack Princess Says, "Someone needs to make mashed potatoes to go with the cider."

This year we had two new baby boys hanging out with us. They were gentlemen for the whole party.

After the babies and the grownups went home we had a bonfire and the weather was perfect. After having 70 degree temps all day it cooled down to the 50s. Ridiculous weather for a Christmas party but I'll take it.

As R Kelly says, "Then after the show it's the after party."

"It's the remix to ignition. Hot and fresh out the kitchen."

Sunday we picked up our Black Friday deal in Burlington. More on that later!

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