Sunday, January 17, 2016

America's Best Top Waffles

You need to make these waffles.

These waffles taste like beignets without the hassle of, you know, making beignets.

We might, at some point, make other waffles....but we've made these three times in the month of January and it's only the 17th so maybe not.

Crisp, fluffy, buttery and so light. 

On Saturday B ate at least 5 of them and one of our guests lost count. 

Don't be intimidated by the yeast. It doesn't need any help from you. It's not like bread where you need to proof it. As long as you don't put it in when your melted butter is sizzling hot you'll be ok. If your ingredients are a temperature where comfortable poking a finger in then they are ok for the yeast.

And don't be skeeved out by the fact that it has milk in it but sits out overnight. The yeast is going to take care of things for you.

It'll make your house smell like a French bakery. Ooh la la.

On Saturday we made these waffles and a quiche because J and his fiance M came over to do some crafts and work on an engineering project. The boys are finally going to make a forge. Well, as soon as the bathroom is done. Which might be soon...but then again I said that a year ago. Yesterday we had planned to work on the bathroom  all afternoon, but I'm sick, so instead I fell asleep for two hours.

Lots of ginger and large noses in this photo. 

Also, if you look in the background at that melee of furniture? Most of it is gone!! We donated it to Pennies for Change Thrift in Durham. The old kitchen table, the couch, the armchair and the bench are all gone! My den is breathing a big sigh of relief!

Two more pieces of furniture are being moved to my office upstairs and then I can rearrange things in here to a way that makes sense. 

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