Friday, January 15, 2016

TRACE Wildlife Camera and Kidde Lync

For my birthday and Christmas this year I received two motion activated cameras. I got a TRACE wildlife camera and a Kidde Lync. 

The TRACE camera is build for the outdoors, easy to set up and has a night feature. It runs on batteries and stores photos or 30 second video on an SD card. It has a wider variety of functions that I have not explored.The Lync pairs with an app to send alerts directly to your phone with video and photos whenever it is tripped. You have the option of sending alerts to multiple phones and emails and to set up an instant emergency number to a person or 911. This app has lots of features that I haven't used.

Mostly I am interested in using these camera to watch the local wildlife but I am also trying to solve a few mysteries.

Within a few days we'd solve the case of....who is eating the apples by the compost?

Does Grey Cat ever come in the house?

Does Sugar P. Bear ever leave the house when we're not at home?

Who is leaving lentils in the laundry baskets and cat food in Gavin's bed?

The first night we had the Lync set up in the attic I hardly got any sleep because my phone was vibrating every time we got an alert from 3am on. Now I arm it at different times and I've stopped push alerts to my phone. My brother bought me this camera to use as a Nanny Goat cam and be able to check in on Sugar while I'm at work.

Of the two cameras the TRACE has been more fun for me because I am mostly interested in what's going on in the yard and (hopefully) don't have too much to see in the house. Also, I'm a weirdo and I like the fact that I have to wait and see what's on the TRACE. It's really exciting to see what I get! This time it was mostly videos of the HVAC guys going back and forth but also this:

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