Friday, February 5, 2016


It's been a hot minute since I posted anything.

Well, that's ok. We've been working on the bathroom a bit. I have two NASA projects, a club to sponsor and a full course load so I've had a bit going on. Add snow and then freakishly nice weather into that and you have a recipe for me spending less time typy-typing.

Mr. G got accepted to NCSU in the school of engineering. We're all very, very, very excited. I also got into NCSU engineering a million years ago so I'm happy to have someone get to go there! Full circle! We found out about the news while we were out at dinner and then ran around town being ridiculous in public to celebrate.

The club I sponsor had a "wine" and design day where we painted geodes. Some of them turned out amazing and I want to steal them all.

The largest source of errors in my blog posts is the fact that the 
 mouse pad on my laptop has a mind of its own and sometimes it decides it wants to do something dumb. It's a little bit like the game where you drop a clothespin in a bottle but with sometimes highlighting and deleting everything.

Like I said it snowed....well really, it iced enough to cover everything. It's been really warm since then but we still have piles of gross ice in heaps everywhere.

And then, the bathroom:

Rumor has it I'll have tile and a toilet by Monday. What's the high/low on those odds?

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